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Finally Discover What Is Holding You Back & Use Music To Improve Your Health & Wellbeing

Supportive Musical Tones

Access a library of potent digital musical signatures (We call these Sonic Signatures)

Your Genius Insight On The Go

The Genius Insight combines Artificial Intelligence with a statistical analysis (machine learning) to provide insights into the most beneficial musical tones designed for your needs.

Interactive A.I. Biofeedback

A voice wave sample audio file is filtered through an Artificial Intelligence algorithym to help identify which musical notes indicate a high degree of probability. We call this process of investigation The I-Field (Information Field Assessment Techniques).

Set Yourself Free

Change your Story, Change Your Life, Create a New positive you!

Select from 3 Possible Scenarios

1) Mind Insight: Which musical notes and melodies are beneficial for your mind.
2) Body Imagery: Which musical notes and melodies are beneficial for your body
3) Bio-field: Which musical notes and melodies are beneficial for your energy field.

Expression Through Sound

In the same way that we listen to music to feel good, The Genius App generates a complex series of musical tones and notes to help improve the well being of your body.

About The Genius App

Whether you call it “Intuition”, “Your Gut”, Your Higher Self”, “The Inner Teacher” The Genius App never pushes you into accepting discoveries that do not come directly from you. The app sets up various states of mind that promote self-discovery.

  • Endorsed by leading experts in the industry
  • No other personal app has this combination “fire power” normally only available in exclusive professional settings with high costs.
  • Your Own Personal Health Coach With You All The Time

The Genius Insight I-Field Assessment

The “I” is short for “Information”. The subject of Information is deep and profound. These days the term normally refers to components in communication technologies and comes out of the theories of Cybernetics in the mid-20th century. Our use of the term Information is NOT from Cybernetics. Our use refers to that which guides the formation of patterns and behaviors of energy. A kind of “knowing” that is implicit in Nature and associates with Consciousness.

The I-Field Assessment process employed by The Genius App is a sensitive and elegant approach to evaluating the potential significance of a test item or state. It’s findings are appreciated and expressed as degrees of Probability. When combined with other aspects of exploration, determined actions and, of course, time…the results will be identified with almost Certainty.

The I-Field Assessment is an example of an advanced stochastic process. It is controversial in common science because it incorporates the principle of Influence related to Consciousness. This same controversy extends into physics where the enigma of Consciousness and Quantum behaviors remains unresolved.

Supportive Sound Therapy

Better support yourself after The Genius Insight Experience, by listening to audio sound files created just for you. During your process of evaluation, Genius Insight is constantly gathering information based upon the choices you make. At the end of the session, it will suggest certain Digitized Sound Signatures which can be expressed as beneficial to own health and well-being. These are audio sound files, that you can listen to up to 3 times a day. Simply put, they may make you feel better.


Our highly sophisticated Crystalline Strategy technique will automatically convert all of your input data into a personalized Energetic Sound Signature. As an Audio File, listening to this 3 times a day may offer wonderful benefits.

How Does It Work

The Genius Insight Is Super Easy and Fun To Use. It is a 3 Step Process

Step 1: Voice Your Concern

Speak your mind!. Feel safe and express your current emotional issue. What is holding you back in this moment?

Step 2: Select Any Option

Decide on what you wish to explore during this session. Which process is pulling at you? Are you ready to delve into your Conscious, Subconscious or Unconscious mind? Select from any item to determine the most beneficial musical tones and notes.

Personalized Sound Journey

Once the data gathering is complete, The Genius App will suggest specific musical notes and tones to help your body achieve an optimum performance.


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